FinKube Recording from Kubecon NA 2022

FinKube Recording from Kubecon NA 2022
Representation of FinKube by Mid Journey AI

The image above generated by the up and coming "generative" AI bot - MidJourney, shows a dystopian future for all things container-native but I am glad we are still less dystopian and more human, even amid a once in a generation pandemic.

And, in the spirit of less dystopia and more normalization of our world post-COVID, I was fortunate to introduce and present the FinKube project at Kubecon North America 2022, located in the Motor City of Detroit, MI. It was a fantastic to see and meet so many Cloud practitioners and leaders alike at the event attended in-person by over 7400 attendees!

For folks, who missed out on the highly oversubscribed FinKube break-out talk, with over 300 registrations at Kubecon, we now have a the recording available online on Youtube.

This session presented a toolkit for DevOps leads and managers that are driving Kubernetes (K8s) adoption within their company and helped them level up their influence and skill set in making the financial business case for adoption of K8s and associated CNCF ecosystem components.

We believe that as Kubernetes crosses the “chasm” in the technology adoption lifecycle, K8s champions now have the opportunity to further drive K8s adoption and transformation of their enterprise. This new phase will require “T-shirts” (Dev & Ops teams) to speak the language of the “Suits” (Finance and execs), figuratively and literally.

This session provided the toolkit to make that business case, capture results and demonstrate value from K8s roll-out and expansion across 4 dimensions:

- Capacity & Cost Optimization - quantify the bottom line benefits

- DevOps Productivity - quantify the benefits in % of FTE savings

- Developer Velocity - quantify the reduction in time to value

- Business agility - finally, quantify the business impact of new K8s based services on top line.

We also open-sourced and provide the Excel, Google Sheet, Google Slides and Powerpoint templates used in this talk to help the community create a compelling business case proposal with solid ROI.